Photo of Sue Blanthern PAVS / CVC Circuit Riders  

Special Thanks to Mrs Sue Blantern of P.A.V.S. and CVC Circuit Riders (see details in Links) for her Help, Support and Patience in helping to get us online in May 2008.  Her Knowledge and Support have been invaluable to us, and we are very grateful to PAVS and Sue for their continuing help to us and all small organisations in Pembrokeshire. To see the help availabe visit www.pavs.org.uk


The Pembroke Valero Volunteer Council is dedicated to improving lives, inspiring others and promoting a spirit of giving across the workforce and beyond the refinery fence into our communities. They are involved with many different projects including painting, gardening, beach cleans, food bank drives etc They also work alongside their, "Charity of the Year" at their fundraising events. Through giving a little of their time they help make a big difference to local charities, schools, community projects and other local groups. We are Proud and Humbled to be their Charity of the Year for 2022.


South Hook LNG South Hook LNG

South Hook LNG have made a huge contribution to fund the Reflexology that is available at the Support Centre in Pembroke Dock.  They have continued to support us over a long period, and have enabled the Charity to improve and move forward.  We cannot thank them enough for their continuing support and generosity.


Tesco Logo  www.tesco.com/charitiesandfundraising

The local Pembroke Dock Superstore, The Tesco Charity Fund and the Local Tesco Community Champion, Ms Sharon Bevans, have given continued support to our Charity and Support Centre over a period of years.




A small Pembrokeshire based web solutions company offering hosting and e-mail management from £45 per year.  Also offer increased support for databases.  You can contact by e-mail at info@webcoastwebworks.co.uk or on 07729 197866.


Barclays Logo

Barclays Corporate Affairs

Barclays Corporate Affairs - Mrs Jean King of Barclays Corporate Affairs very kindly donated £1,000 to cover the cost of a new PC for the Support Centre. Lyn, the Coordinator is seen in the photograph looking shocked at this generosity !! or is he just not very photogenic ?  We are very grateful for the support given by Barclays as this enabled us to go on and get online.  Thanks Mrs King and Barclays Corporate Affairs.